7 reasons you should visit a trade show as a retailer

Twig desk planning collection


Later this month we are heading to the iconic trade show NYNOW in New York.

As a designer I find it really inspirational to be surrounded by a wealth of talented creatives but it's as a retailer where this show really shines. It's a dream show if you're looking for the latest pieces for your store.

I understand choosing to visit a trade show can be a big commitment of your time and your money, but I really believe choosing and attending the right show can work wonders for your business. So we've outlined seven reasons why you should try to attend a trade show.

1/ Discover new products unique to the show

Often designers will launch products at the show. Being first to see and source these new products for your store can give you an edge over your competitors and give your store a unique style and reasons for your customers to visit your store over others.

2/ See the latest trends

At a good trade show you'll see trends of colours and textures that will be key for the following season. Providing clarity around what tones and looks to curate in your collection you can build your store look around new trends your customers will covet. 

3/ Build relationships with your suppliers

Attending shows means you can often meet the designer behind the products you hope to stock in your store.  People buy people and often meeting a designer in person may mean they choose you to stock their collection over someone who just emails them. It's a great opportunity for you to build good relationships with your existing suppliers too, allowing you to develop a great working relationship and often secure great deals on your orders. I really look forward to meeting my stockists at shows. It's a time for us to catch up and chat about how stock is performing and getting feedback from my stockists help shape my future collections. 

4/ Styling ideas for your store

The creativity of stand design at a good trade show is incredible. By attending a trade show you'll see amazing storage and decorative styling ideas that you can transfer to your own store. 

5/ Promote your business

You have a great opportunity to promote your own business at the show. They are filled with buyers but also press, stylists and bloggers who you can connect with. Like NyNow, many events hold free specialist talks and presentations too that support retailers. 

6/ Network with your peers

Many business owners are afraid of engaging with their competitors but actually, they can be a great asset and improve your own business. Perhaps there's a workshop you want to run in your store or a social media campaign that can support your business but also your peers? Shows are a great way to catch up and hear success stories from your peers and get ideas from the activities they are running. Hear what's working, what isn't and by sharing your own stories you may discover mutual goals you can support one another to achieve. 

7/See your customers

By getting out of your store or your office you give yourself headspace. Away from the day to day role you have an opportunity to really think about your customer. What are they like?What are they looking for? What do they need? How can you provide this? Along with discovering wonderful new stock, shows can give you the time to reflect on what you offer and how well you are meeting your customer's needs. Something that can only be good for your business.

I hope these reasons may inspire you to attend a trade show soon.

NYNOW begins on the 19th August and you'll find me and our latest collection in the Handmade Designer Maker section at Booth 1469C from the 20-23. 

It would be lovely to see you there.