Creating a lifestyle shopping experience with Lekker Home

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Lekker Home was founded in 2003 with a vision of bringing accessible, beautiful design to Boston and beyond. They are been regular stockists of Twig collections and I'm always so impressed with the way they run their sublime store, I wanted to share some of that magic with you.

A native of Amsterdam, founder Natalie van Dijk cultivates Lekker's warm modern appeal, curating brands from all over the world. As a family-owned company, Lekker Home takes business (and design) personally. This personal connection shows in the considered approach they take in running their business and the careful selection of furniture and accessories that champion authentic and sustainable craftsmanship.

I caught up with founder Natalie and COO Katie Kavanagh to discuss their unique approach to a retail and why creating a lifestyle experience is so important to them.

How would you describe your store? 

Lekker Home is first and foremost a home decor retail destination, however we curate an experience for our customers. We combine high quality, hand crafted goods with timeless classics from both Europe and America. Our customers can indulge in a classic lounge chair as well as a gorgeous throw.

How often do you update your store collection? 

We do a complete refresh of the floor plan twice a year with a few smaller changes in between. We are always looking for new lines but we typically make new introductions sparingly.

What colours are you anticipating will be big for AW17 and how will you incorporate them into your store?

We've been feeling very moody for fall. Expect to see lots of rich deep colors like charcoal, navy and forest green. We're going dark on a lot of the larger upholstery pieces and lightening the mood with cream hand knotted nordic rugs and light oak accent pieces.

What role do textures play in an interior concept? 

Textures make a house a home. We like to layer throws, pillows, rugs, wall paper and accessories to give our showroom a "lived in" feel. We always want our space to feel familiar and accessible.

What do you look for when sourcing products for your store? 

The products that stop us in our tracks are those that combine good design with high quality and sustainable manufacturing. It's great for something to look the part but if it's not manufactured ethically then we just aren't interested

The biggest challenge facing retail stores right now? 

The vast landscape of eCommerce has changed the face of the home decor industry. It's important to consistently be conveying accurate information across all platforms while maintaining a brand presence. These days a customer can purchase a product in a litany of places - you have to provided consistent service to keep them coming back.

What's next for Lekker Home? 

We've been lucky to have some really great years, we're still hammering out exactly what our next steps will be but we certainly have a big vision for the future!

I for one can't wait to see what's coming. And if you're lucky to live near Boston you can check out their showroom in the stunning South End of the city. But if you're not in their neck of the woods right now, you can enjoy their carefully curated collection on their rather lovely website too.

Have a great week,

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