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How do I become a twig stockist?

Simply apply for a trade account. Applying is very straight forward - just follow the instructions and fill in our online form. If you're a good fit for our collections we'll be in touch right away. 


How DO I PLACE AN order?

If you are an approved stockist simply contact us with your order. If you are not a stockist but would like to source some of our colourful accessories for your store then use our easy online form to apply.

Jessie Teal Throw on chair

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we send our products all over the world from the UK. To learn more about your local shipping enquiries simply send a request using our contact form.

Twig Sulphur lambswool throw and cushion

How Should I look after my Twig products?

Lambswool throws and cushions

Our throws have been woven using New Zealand lambswool yarns.

Wool is a hard-wearing and resilient fibre and with the right care, will last for years. It requires cleaning less frequently than other materials like cotton and manmade fibres. We recommend the Professional Dry Cleaning of our lambswool throws and cushion covers (please remove the duck down filler before cleaning). If wrinkled or creased, please steam your throw. Do not use a dry iron.

Pilling or Bobbling

During initial use all soft woven wool products are likely to shed fibres. These become loose surface fibres which can often collect as small bobbles or pilling on the surface of the fabric. This is quite normal and should not be considered a fault of the product. The bobbles or pilling can be removed easily using a pilling comb, safety razor or de-pilling shaver. If your item has heavy pilling then de-pill before dry cleaning.

Please also regularly brush your throw with a garment or wool brush to remove dust and dirt particles. This will also help to remove loose surface fibres.